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Elevate Your Game by Training with StarMaker Sports

StarMaker Sports works with people of all ages and levels of experience. Whether you are preparing to impress professional scouts, college coaches, or looking to improve and maintain your general health, StarMaker’s training program will give you the competitive edge you need to perform at your best.

The customized workout regimen includes, but is not limited to: Individual/Small Group Training, Speed/Agility/Quickness, Footwork, Mental and Physical Strength, Technique Development, Flexibility, and Film Study.

Programs Offered


ROOKIES (Ages 7-10) – The Rookie program introduces youth athletes to the foundational components of sports performance training.


JUNIOR VARSITY (Ages 11-14) – The Junior Varsity program advances the foundational components of sports performance training.


VARSITY (Ages 15-18) – The Varsity program prepares high school athletes for elite level performance at the high school level, as well as prepare them for intercollegiate athletics.


COLLEGIATE – The Collegiate program, typically held during summer and winter breaks, prepares collegiate athletes for their upcoming seasons.


PRO – The Pro program is specifically tailored for professional athletes looking to gain an edge going into their respective camps, and for those looking to extend their careers.


COMBINE – This program trains high school and college athletes to be more confident, efficient, and powerful for the Combines of all major sports and the High School camp/combine circuit.


ADULT – The Adult program is specifically designed for adults looking to get the most out of their workouts.


PERSONAL TRAINING – The Personal Training program is specifically tailored to the individuals needs in order to enhance performance.


PROGRAM DESIGN – Unable to train with us physically? Our staff offers customized program designs per request.

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